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Prepare your international students for academic success before they arrive in Canada.
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International student orientation is not enough

A combination of factors results in international students falling behind at Canadian post-secondary institutions:

Starting school in catch-up mode

Student only have weeks (often days) to adjust to new responsibilities and life in Canada before starting their first day of post-secondary classes.

Navigating a new academic system

Adjusting to cumulative grading, LMS systems, student conduct policies, academic integrity standards, and applied learning is challenging. Especially while learning how to navigate life in a new and unfamiliar country.

Becoming self-directed in Canada

Moving our of your parent’s house and boarding a plane to an unfamiliar country is daunting. Learning how to balance student responsibilities and a balanced healthy life is essential to academic success.

Prepare your international students in their home country — before they depart for Canada.

Set the foundation for your international student’s academic success



We enable Canadian post-secondary institutions to offer comprehensive six-day pre-arrival academic preparedness courses to registered international students in India, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and the Philippines (additional countries coming in 2022).

CAPP is delivered by Canadian academic faculty in hotel banquet halls up to 200 km away from student’s home cities.



CAPP is developing a suite of digital and hybrid academic preparedness tools for post-secondary institutions.

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Reduce costs

Every additional institutional partnership lowers the price-per-seat.

Build community

Students meet potential roommates, create new friendships and build a sense of community.

Improve access

Deliver CAPP up to 200 km away from your student’s home cities.

Program content

Developed by the University of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. Preparing international students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in Canada.


Canadian post-secondary system, classroom expectations, and applied learning.


Norms of post-secondary learning environments and how to thrive in Canada.


Students apply their learning to a project and make their first in-class presentation.


Introduction to Canada and its post-secondary system.


Learn to navigate Canadian social norms and legal systems.


Students apply their learning to a project and make their first in-class presentation.


Develop strategies to find friends, career opportunities, and engage in a new community.


Learn how to ask questions and get the information needed.


Develop a personal “toolkit” that contains resources & strategies for living away from home and thriving in a new country.

Your partner in academic preparedness

Let’s join forces to improve learning outcomes for international students at post-secondary institutions across Canada.


CAPP is a coalition of educators and administrators who believe that every international student bound for Canadian post-secondary institutions should have the benefit of foundational knowledge and skills for success in Canada.

For nearly 15 years, Fraser Valley India has delivered Canadian academic programming in Chandigarh, India leading to degrees at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) in British Columbia. We have successfully prepared thousands of students for their education in Canada.

CAPP’s program content is developed by the University of the Fraser Valley.

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Passionate and experienced teaching team

We’ve assembled an experienced group of Canadian university faculty. Their intercultural communications skills, domain expertise, and international teaching experience make them the ideal pre-departure academic preparedness program instructors.

Every CAPP instructor is also joined by a local Student Support Specialist who functions as a TA in the classroom.

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